Monday, April 7, 2014

Origins Search Engine

The intention of this blog is to cover the latest news stories from an honest, educated, creationist perspective.  Of course, that leaves out many topics and views related to the origins issue.  This website is only a small voice in the greater debate.  Reddit user JoeCoder recently developed a useful search tool that allows users to search scholarly, popular, and blog sites that represent various views on origins, including young-earth and old-earth creationism, intelligent design, theistic evolution, and materialistic naturalism.

Technically the Origins Search Engine is not a distinct search engine, but it provides an easy means of building lengthy Google search queries that can limit your searches to particular sites and/or viewpoints.  Investigators of the origins issue can now explore perspectives on various topics without getting bogged down in questionable, unrelated, and ambiguous results.

To start, visit the Origins Search Engine, select the categories you want to search, enter your search terms in the box at the top, and click "Build Google search query."  Click the link that shows up below the search box to see the results!

I think this search tool was a great idea, and I intend to use it to research future articles.  I hope you find it useful!

Thanks again to JoeCoder!

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